Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new blog....

As it has been a couple of year since my last blog on here, and I can't really call myself a recently born again christian, I have started a new blog, about youth work and my journey since my last post.... so I welcome you to join me...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Revival!! How the light can reveal.

Well well, nearly 2 years since I last wrote something on here, and I would like to thank St Barnabas Church, (my new church of about 8 months) for reviving my blog. Well, at least they have encouraged me to start writing again.

Yesterday evening, I was sharing my testimony at my church's candlelight service, and in the lead up I was faced with the challenge of looking at my own life and seeing my current spiritual status. I knew I had to stand on a stage and talk about the day I met the Lord Jesus, and my work had completely taken over my life and I didn't feel like I had time to do this regarding preparation. I instantly saw this as Jesus trying to renew His hold on my life. Jesus never let us forget Him. And this is true testimony to that. It also shone a light or some sin which I hadn't realised had snuck its way in to my daily routine.

Thinking of this now, a verse that comes to mind is Ephesians 5:13,

But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.

I got scared, the light would be shining on me when I stood on the stage, and if I hadn't reviewed where I was spiritually, who know what would have been revealed. Now I am sounding like I had a lot of sin weighing me down, which is wasn’t, but to Jesus, the smallest bit of sin is enough to have to ask for forgiveness. Jesus is without sin, and when we have even the slightest bit of sin, then we are far from Jesus and need the grace of His righteousness to bring us back to where Jesus is. The slightest slither of sin is just as bad as the worst sin ever (short of denying Jesus). Even just writing this now makes we realise just how amazing Jesus really is, and how God's grace is the perfect gift for us.

So this moment of sharing my testimony and being on a stage with lights pointing at me, the lights have literally shed light on sin in my life, and it has shown me how we are so far from God we can get, but also it is so easy to be right next to God again. Just as it was through the simple prayer that started my journey with Jesus, a simple prayer can cleanse us with the blood of Jesus. I think that it is spiritually healthy to review or 'spiritual status' (as I am currently calling it) every day. This way, when the light is cast upon us unexpectedly there is no sin to be shown. It is just the pureness of Jesus Christ. This way it will also help us to build each other up.

John 3:19-21 says

19 And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been carried out in God.

This has always challenged me. Before I was a Christian, there were things I was ashamed of, and things that I didn’t want anyone to know, and if anyone did know it would destroy my social life. This was me loving the darkness. Now I am in Jesus, I want to live in the light, I want people to see what God is doing through me. And I tell you this, only Jesus can bring you into the light, He is good and will make you new again.

Anyway, I thank you for reading this and I just ask you for prayer that I can continue to find time to write. Please leave comments also, as any other Christian is, I am still learning, and if there is anything that you would like to disagree or debate then I would love to know your views.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My encounter with a street preacher...

Hi everyone, sorry about my absence once again. The Christmas period was a lot busier than anticipated and I wanted to write a post where i was able to research a bit more beyond what I already know on a subject. However, there was an incident today which I feel I really need to talk about and bring up.

Whilst exiting the London Underground at Oxford Circus, I was confronted by a street preacher who was handing out leaflets. Myself, my girlfriend and her sister were with me and we all said we were all Christian's anyway whilst declining the leaflet (it is better for a non-believer to recieve this than myslef). The preacher then asked if we were real Christians. We of course said yes, whilst I showed him my crucifix which I wear around my neck. One of the girls with me came back saying that all we need is to believe in Jesus Christ as our saviour, and that He died to save us. Then the Preacher says that because we are not out preaching God's word at that moment, we are not saved and going to hell. I couldn't believe he was saying this. He was backing it up with Jesus saying that we need to preach the word of Jesus Christ, but we can preach the word in so many different ways, by the way we live our own lives, by talking to people personally.

Now I admit I am not the fittest of human being's by far, and I'm not in the best of shape and the cause of this is something that is almost out of my control, and I am doing all i can about it. This preacher then poked me in the belly saying 'Indugence is a sin', incinuating that I'm not following God's laws. I tried to explain to him my story but he was not listening and walked away.

I could not understand, how someone, on the streets preaching Gods word is portraying the truth in this way, in a way that is holding back the same truth in which makes all christians live in joy. A truth that even though we sin everyday, however hard it is to not sin, we are saved through Jesus Christ our Saviour. This was also a case of someone not practising what he was preaching. I understand that the issue of judging is an issue to be careful about but this man came out with an awful judgement straight away. He judged me, because I look overweight, he assumed I self-indulge and therefore sin. We as Christians cannot judge others, when we are sinning ourselves.

Matthew 7:1 says 'Do not judge others, and you will not be judged'.

Ok, so he was not overweight like I was, but to judge someone else, a fellow brother, and saying out-rightly that I am going to hell is not helping your Christian brother or sister, if anything, it is hindering them from being close to God.

Later Matthew says 'if another believer sins (against you), go privately and point out the offence. If the other person listens and confesses it, you have won that person back'(18:15).

Instead I was told this on the streets of London and being told that because of it I am going to hell. I have a relationship with God, a relationship where i am in constant counciling with the Great Councilor Himself, about my problems. No wonder so many non-believers have such a bad view on Christians, if there are Christians like this practically condemning them in the streets.

Brothers and sisters, in reaction to this, I feel we should pray for this man, and any other street preachers, that they may preach in a way that will bring more and more people to God, not scare them away for life. He may have been right in saying that God asks us to preach the gospel everyday, but he doesn't say do it or go to hell. God loves us his children, as we are, and by being justified by Jesus Christ, we are then sanctified by the Holy Spirit. We should be out there to judge what is sin, and what is not, and to say a small word to them quietly and in private if we are concencerned about someone.

Please feel free to comment on this post, as I would like to hear other people views on this, and about street preachers. It is fantastic that God has given them the confidence to stand on a street corner and tell passers-by about Our Saviour Jesus Christ, but I pray that they can do it in a way that isn't so forceful.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my readers and fellow bloggers a very Happy Christmas, on this day we remember what Christmas is really about. In a world where many will forget the true meaning of Christmas we need to remember and hold in our heart the main truth of this day... Our Saviour is Born.

This is my first Christmas as a Christian and that one extra part of my life has made this day much more special to me. Jesus is here!! This is the day the world recieved Gods greastest gift. Lets thank Him.


God bless you all on this great occasion


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a bloggers return......

Well I am back after a good 6 weeks (or maybe more) without blogging, and I have to say that I have missed it dearly. Work commitments have taken away time and energy that I would have previously used for blogging.

It has been a very eventful month and a half, and God has not been far from me at all. With a small trouble at work about something which offended myself and what I believe, I stuck up for my faith and came through with success. I feel truly blessed after this short episode and I feel can support my work fully now. I do not want to give details exactly, but I feel it is important to show how important it really is to stick up for God in your workplace and your lives. We as Christians come under a lot of strain and everyday we face challenges from non-believers who want to prove us wrong because they think they know more. I am not talking about all non believers here, as most ask us about our faith in order to understand more and some maybe haven't even heard of Jesus. It's our job to tell them about Him. Having heard the truth about Him, I feel a bit sorry for those who do not know Jesus. They do not know what they are missing.

Anyway, back to the people who question what we believe in order to try and prove us wrong. At this point I would like to make it known that I was once one of these people. And guess what? I was wrong. God won the arugement, and in addition He got me too. This was back in March or April of this year, before I found Jesus, when I was challenging my housemate about her beliefs. One thing my housemate did, which I respected so much, was that she told me what she knew, and the things she didnt know, she referred me to people who did know. She stuck to the bible, and asked God for help. And He helped. Thats what we need to do everytime we come under this pressure. What these people want to hear is that we are wrong and they are right. O, how they are wrong!! And we need to educate them with the truth, with our humbleness and holyness, we educate. God is with us, and we should feel blessed that we are being persecuted like this because of Jesus. We will be blessed for our work in Christ's name. So why avoid it?

I am reminded of a story from Acts when Peter and John were called before a council after being arrested for preaching and put in jail overnight (Acts 4:1-22). Peter and John stayed with God and told them the truth and as the high priests could see that they meant what they were saying was true, and therefore believed them, but were ordered not to talk of Jesus again. But this was not good enough for Peter and John, they stuck up for Jesus, and with the crowd of believers behind them, they were set free, with the help of a healed man, a man healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God saw that they were being faithful, as faithful as they could and saw to it that Peter and John were set free. In todays world, when we stick up for Jesus, we are blessed, and even though we may lose out (jobs, friends or even belongings) on earth, we still have everything through Jesus Christ our Saviour, and we will be rewarded for our faith.

I will be writing again very shortly,

May Christ be with you always......
God Bless

Monday, October 30, 2006

Are you a better Christian than me?

I was chatting to an old friend on the bus a couple months ago when something came up that I felt i needed to talk about. And yes, I have only just gotten around to talking about it. But this issue has come up since then a couple of times. What it was that triggereed this off for me was my friends comment, 'Well I do believe, but I'm not as good a Christian as you'. I quickly corrected that statement to how I think of this. I do not think it is fair to say that one Christian is better than another. If it should be judged at all, it should be judged on how close your relationship is with God, but even that is something personal to the individual and should only be shared by the individual if he or she would like to share that.

Each persons experience and relationship with God is different. If you look at a family with at least two children. Each child has a different relationship with their father, yet the father does not love one of them more than the other. This is how I see our relatioships with God. God loves us all, but some of us are closer, some are not so close. But we are all brothers and sisters and no-one is better than another.

I have just finished reading an amazing book. A book that was recommended to me by my friend and fellow blogger Adrian Warnock, and really set things clearer for me. The book is called 'Living the Cross-Centered Life', by C.J.Mahaney (Adrian does a very good review of this book and you can read it if you click on the link). I am not sure what I can and can't say without quoting from the book, but one thing that has helped be become closer to God in my relationship with Him, is to focus a lot more on the Cross than I had been in the past.

My main message in this post is to not get disheartened if someone thinks they are a better Christian than you. You are either a Christian or you are not and your relationship with God is your own. God loves you, He loves me and He loves us all. Love your Christian brothers and sisters and give each other support.

God bless.............
Jason :D

Monday, October 23, 2006

So Welcome to My Blog

After my amazing weekend and all the excitement of deciding to start a blog, I think it is now time to think about where this blog will go next. I have been thinking about this hard and I think it is important that recently born-again Christian's have support so they do not turn back their old lives of sin. I know that the leaders and elders of the church are there for everyone, but it is also good to talk to Christians who have recently been through the temptations given to new Christians as these are the people who have kept their faith. It is important that a new Christian is around these types of people so they can really get to know God in a way they would never have imagined.

In no way do I want to seem patronising, so please let me know if I am. I want everyone to know God and to love Jesus, just as Jesus loves you. I don't know everything, actually I know far from everything, but I know people who do, so if there are any questions at all, please leave a comment, and I'll reply.

If there are any other bloggers out there, who read this and feel like they would either like to be a guest blogger on this blog, or wants to give me a link to their blog, I would be most happy to display it in my links column, or invite you to be a guest blogger. I read a few blogs of people I know from a church I attended over the summer, a lot of the content being very interesting and I will let you know of anything that really sticks out.

One blogger who I have in mind, and whose blog I try to read often is Adrian Warnock's blog. Adrian is a preacher at Jubilee Church in Enfield and someone who I respect and see as a very intellectual Christian and I love how Christ moves in him. Adrian preaches with so much passion and you can see this in his blogging. I truely recommend reading his blog.

I will try and blog over the next couple days, but feel free to write any comments you may have so far.

May God Bless You All :D

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I've done it!! Iive been baptised!!

Wow, what a day!! I know that the blog from yesterday hasnt been read yet, but as promised, here is a blog on the actual event. It was amazing, yet I was so very nervous leading up to giving my testimony, but i guess that was just nerves of speaking in front of many people. I had my testimony all writen out how I wanted to say it, yet I went off course, but I still got in the important parts. Here is my testimony in full for those of you who were unable to attend, and for those who would like to read the ful story.

It all started for me, funnily enough, when I read ‘The Da Vinci Code’ last summer. When I read this book, I made the same mistake as I’m sure many other readers did. I started to believe everything that was written. What I had forgotten was that this book is a novel. The views were just that of the different characters, but the line in the book that made me look into the truth, was that of Bishop Aringarosa’s when he was on the plane. The line is, ‘people are afraid of what they do not understand’. So I was like, ok, I want to understand. So a few months after, I started to ask people about their views on the book, and then started to ask my Christian friends about what they thought. The time that really broke through though was one night at the pub with sarah and my house mates, and I was asking her all the questions I could think of to try and disprove what Christians believed by only going on what was written in this book. I could see that she was getting uneasy about all these questions, then she suddenly turned to me and said, ‘I can’t answer all of these questions J, but there is an Alpha course starting in 3 weeks, please come along and your questions will be answered’. I thought about this, and found myself turning up on the 1st week of Alpha.

In these 3 weeks though, I had made a deal with Sarah that if she was to read the Da Vinci Code, I would read the Bible, or at least the New Testament (Gideons). (if I had read the whole Bible, it would have been very unfair, as the novel is somewhat shorter than the Bible). I will say now that I had only got through half of Matthew before putting it down that night.

Anyway, back to Alpha. The 1st week was lovely, we got there, had a lovely meal. Compliments to the chefs. And then I listened to different people’s testimonies, and I felt I could really understand what they meant when they said that whatever they did, they could not be satisfied with life until they found God and the truth. My ears where open from this point on. Now here is my first comforting experience. After the sermons and before we left that night, I spoke to Tope, and he said I should come to church on Sunday morning, and if I remember correctly, my response was ‘I’d never be up at that time’. It got to Sunday and I got up early, and went to church with Sarah. And when the service was starting, Tope came to the front and his exact words were ‘Welcome everybody to Jubilee this morning, Welcome Jason……’ I was taken aback. First time I’d stepped into church in a few years and I get a welcome like that!!! Wow!!!!

Now after this first week at church, I got home from uni one day and sarah gave me a piece of paper, and said I should read this passage. It said Psalm 139. I went and looked at this in my Gideons Bible, and it really touched me. I missed the second week of alpha as I couldn’t make it but I caught up the next week through a CD copy of the sermon. I went home and put the cd on to my itunes and laid back on my bed and listened to it. At the end of the sermon, Tope asked everyone in the room to repeat a prayer after him, if they want to they can just say the words, but if they mean it they can say it with all their heart, because that is your prayer and God truly sees that. As I was lying down, I repeated the prayer, and as I said it I knew I meant every word of it. I didn’t think that was it, but I felt different. Free, like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The rest of that night, I picked up a bible that I had and started to read from Genesis. The next day I didn’t really mention it to anyone, but I had a really good day, and felt amazing the whole day, then that night in the pub, I was speaking to Sarah at the bar and told her about the prayer and how I said the words and meant them, and she started jumping up and down on the spot, saying that’s it, that’s it. You’ve become a Christian!!!! I was so happy, and I didn’t even realise, but it explained why my heart felt warmer. I looked at my watch to see the date, and I couldn’t believe it. It was May 5th, which means I became a Christian on May 4th. Now for those of you who know me really well, you know how cheesy my jokes are. For years before, I had made the same joke on this day. May the 4th be with you. It always used to make me laugh. God clearly had shown how much he wanted me.

The best is yet to come. That night after the pub, we went back home, and me and Sarah we’re sitting in my room and I showed her a Bible I was given 11 years ago at a Christian kids club that I used to attend. I hadn’t picked this Bible up for over 10 years. She flicked through it and I noticed it had a page marked in it with a piece of paper. The page that was marked was none other than Psalm 139!!!! I was shocked, surprised and fascinated, but above all I was amazed. God is really showing himself to me. A few weeks after, I was tidying my room, knelt on the floor, and looked up to my wall and was amazed. When I moved in a year and a half before, I nailed some pictures up on my wall. There was a fairly big framed picture of my families crest, and surrounding it was 4 certificates from school. One above, one below, and one either side. Then below it was a poster. It was a crucifix. God had placed himself in my life before I was ready to accept Jesus into my life, so he could be there for me.

I decided I definitely wanted to get baptised when I went to Brighton for Mobilise 06. those 3 days changed my life for sure, if becoming a Christian hadn’t already completely changed it. God had shown himself to me, He gave me the gift of tongues and made me realise that I truly wanted what He had in store for me in my life. I want to follow Gods plan for me, where ever they may take me. So here I am, giving myself completely to God. I want to serve Him, with all my heart. I’ve been praying that God will find me a church that I can settle down into, whether it’s Jubilee, or somewhere else, all that I ask as that it is as welcoming and friendly as Jubilee.

I truely feel blessed by God that I have been given the chance to be baptised, especially with a church that has been there for me. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures yet, but as soon as I have some available to post, I will. I want to say thanks to everyone who was there to support me and see me testify and take a step on God's path in Jesus' footsteps. For those of you who were unable to be there, I hope you get a chance to read this and I understand that you couldnt make it in time.

I have felt amazng and new since coming out from the water and I truely feel Jesus is walking with me now. I have one word of advice to those who are considering Baptism. Do it, Jesus commanded it of his followers, and it is a way to publically commit yourself to living a life full of God's love.

God bless.........

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baptisms!! A new start for a Christian!!

I am writing about baptisms in my first blog because tomorrow I am getting baptised. I am really excited about this, and I cannot wait to declare publically that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and have my sins literally washed away.
I was up at a very early hour this morning to attend a meeting about my baptism to learn what the Bible says about it. I already knew that being baptised meant washing away our sins for good and having a completely new start, but I didn't realise that it was a 'must-do' in the Bible. What more reason do you need as a Christian to get baptised than for Jesus himself to command it?

'Jesus came and told his disciples, "I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.' (Matthew 28, v18-19.)

Even after looking at this, I question why I took so long to get baptised after becoming a christian. When I had a choice a few months ago, I said no because I didnt think I was ready. But I was already qualified.

When I get covered in water tomorrow, all my sins of the past will be washed away. I will be completely new and I cannot wait for that. In the 5 and a half months I have been a christian I have really become close to God, but I want to be closer. Everyday, my relationship with God is getting stronger and my full trust in God is getting more and more complete. I will post again tomorrow with pictures from my baptism.

God bless,
Jason Kirk