Monday, October 23, 2006

So Welcome to My Blog

After my amazing weekend and all the excitement of deciding to start a blog, I think it is now time to think about where this blog will go next. I have been thinking about this hard and I think it is important that recently born-again Christian's have support so they do not turn back their old lives of sin. I know that the leaders and elders of the church are there for everyone, but it is also good to talk to Christians who have recently been through the temptations given to new Christians as these are the people who have kept their faith. It is important that a new Christian is around these types of people so they can really get to know God in a way they would never have imagined.

In no way do I want to seem patronising, so please let me know if I am. I want everyone to know God and to love Jesus, just as Jesus loves you. I don't know everything, actually I know far from everything, but I know people who do, so if there are any questions at all, please leave a comment, and I'll reply.

If there are any other bloggers out there, who read this and feel like they would either like to be a guest blogger on this blog, or wants to give me a link to their blog, I would be most happy to display it in my links column, or invite you to be a guest blogger. I read a few blogs of people I know from a church I attended over the summer, a lot of the content being very interesting and I will let you know of anything that really sticks out.

One blogger who I have in mind, and whose blog I try to read often is Adrian Warnock's blog. Adrian is a preacher at Jubilee Church in Enfield and someone who I respect and see as a very intellectual Christian and I love how Christ moves in him. Adrian preaches with so much passion and you can see this in his blogging. I truely recommend reading his blog.

I will try and blog over the next couple days, but feel free to write any comments you may have so far.

May God Bless You All :D

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Cameron said...

Praise God for your enthusiasm and passion. I pray for God's will and purposes to be accomplished in your life and it is a great encouragement to read your blog.